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ArtScents Reed Diffusers feature Famous Paintings

Did you know that we have ArtScents Reed Diffusers featuring famous paintings? We package ArtScents Reed Diffusers in a beautiful high gloss, black gift box that contains 12 reeds, one empty 3.4 oz black recycled glass apothecary bottle (shown with oil poured and reeds in place) + 3.5 ounces of fragrance diffuser oil in separate […]

Reed Diffusers Sticks in Natural or Colored Reeds

Reed Diffusers Sticks in Natural or Colored Reeds – for when it’s time to replace your reeds. If your reeds are clogged or dusty, it’s time for new ones. That’s why we have handy tubes of 100 reed diffusers sticks at a very competitive price so you can replace your reed diffuser sticks as needed […]

Reed Diffuser Packaging Supplies

Reed diffusers packaging supplies make it easy to create your own gift sets. Choose the bottles and reed diffuser oils first. Our bottles are all recycled glass and come in brilliant color choices and a variety of shapes. For reed diffuser oils, we have a fragrance for every scent style. What’s your mood preference? Uplifting, […]

Do Diffuser Reeds Need to Be Replaced?

Do Diffuser Reeds Need to Be Replaced? Yes and no. When your reed diffuser is fading or no longer sending its fragrance into the air, it’s time to flip the diffuser reeds over. This will enable a new burst of reed diffuser oil, and the reeds won’t need to be replaced. Repeat as needed to […]

Best Reed Diffuser Oils for the New Year

Best reed diffuser oils for the New Year should be uplifting and cheerful. But what kind?    Choose a crisp, fresh scent for winter fragrance or a comforting scent that warms your spirit. As a result, you’ll be scenting your space with fragrance that personally matches the best traits of the season for you—the fresh […]

Reed Diffuser Oils for Spring

Reed Diffusers for Spring are available in a wide selection in our online store. Lilac Blossom, Hyacinth, Gardenia, Freesia, Flower Shop, and many more bright scents that will make your house smell like you have a florist in-house. Now you have no reason not to enjoy these scents at home. Available in: 1 ounce 2 […]

Reed Diffusers are an Easy Way to Scent Your Space

Reed diffusers are an easy way to add fragrance to a room, and popular in the home fragrance market for many reasons. They’re practical and extremely easy to use. Here’s how: Just add reed diffuser oil to a glass bottle or vase and tuck in a dozen diffuser reeds. Flip the reeds over so that […]

Santa Recommends Our Reed Diffusers for Christmas

Santa recommends our Reed Diffusers for Christmas. Why? No Phthalates! No Alcohol! Made in U.S.A. No DPG! 65+ Fragrance choices Brilliant Recycled Glass Quick Shipping Excellent Customer Service Not sure what kind of reed diffuser fragrance to buy? Use our handy guide to home in on the Perfect selection for yourself or gift giving! Made […]