Reed Diffuser Oils Customer Favorites

All REED DIFFUSER OILS are not created equal. 

Reed Diffuser Oils Top SellersWe’re proud to be Innovators in the science of Fragrance Reed Diffusion.

We add NO Alcohol! NO DPG! NO Phthalates! Our fragrance reed diffuser oils are ready to use. No need to add anything to them. Our Diffuser Oils last much longer than diffuser oils that have been “watered down” with thinners. You can count on enjoying your oils for months, not weeks.

Our oils are created by experienced perfumers, prepared in the USA  from quality ingredients and guaranteed fresh for your reed diffusers

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Lavender Reed Diffuser Oil

It’s not surprising that Lavender is our #1 seller. Doesn’t it seem as though everyone loves lavender? In addition to its lovely herbal scent, lavender is known to have a calming and relaxing benefit that acts as a natural stress reliever and sleep aid.

Reed Diffuser Oils Customer Favorites

Balsam Fir Reed Diffuser Oil

#2 Balsam Fir has that fresh forest feeling that makes you want to take deep breaths and hear the wind in the treetops.

Reed Diffuser Oils Customer Favorites

Vanilla Reed Diffuser Oil

#3 Vanilla fulfills our desire for warmth & memories of childhood—or maybe just the chocolate chip cookies! Either way, it’s not surprising that real estate agents often recommend vanilla to invoke warm feelings in your home.

Reed Diffuser Oils Customer Favorites

Reed Diffuser Oils Customer Favorites