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Diffuser Reeds, Reed Diffuser Oils, Reed Diffuser Bottles, Supplies

Your one stop shop for all your Fragrance Diffuser Supplies. Diffuser Reeds, Reed Diffuser Oils, Reed Diffuser Bottles, Supplies.

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We are so glad you dropped by! We’re pleased to share an amazing collection of 100% Recycled Glass Bottles and Vases for your Reed Diffusers – the colors and quality are Brilliant – the prices are so low! And No minimums! Reed Diffuser Oils here are Made in the USA with no watered down substances – no DPG – no Alcohol – just long-lasting scents to impress your visitors with the knowledge that your home is a well-cared-for home.

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How to Diffuse Scent with Diffuser Reeds

  • Pour the oil into the diffuser reed bottle.
  • Insert diffuser reeds.
  • Turn over once to expose oil-moistened diffuser reeds to air. The oil will continue to wick up the diffuser reeds, scenting your room for several months.
  • Turn diffuser reeds occasionally to refresh scent.
  • When the oil is finally used up, pour in an oil refill and replace the diffuser reeds.

Absolutely no heat is needed to enjoy aromatic diffuser reeds. Add the element of aromatherapy to your personal space, and enjoy your favorite fragrance without the risk of fire. You’ll never wonder if you blew out the candle!

Reed diffusers emanate no soot or film on your furniture, walls and ceiling. Safe for classrooms, offices, nursing homes, homes

Featured Scent

Canadian Spruce

Canadian Spruce reed diffuser oil is a remarkable fresh scent dominated by Canadian spruce oil, precious woods and subtle balsamic elements, which intensify this intoxicating experience of Canadian Spruce reed diffuser oil. A breath of fresh air, for sure.

Canadian Spruce

Canadian Spruce

Our Reed Diffuser Oils are environmentally friendly "Green".

Eco-friendly reed diffuser oils– “green”, alcohol-free, DPG-free oils. 7 sizes: 1 oz. (in sample packs), 2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., 128 oz.

  • Alcohol-free
  • DPG-free
  • not diluted
  • strong and long-lasting scents
  • Made in USA to our high standards (Made in China oils can contain unregulated ingredients in their contents.)
  • specially formulated by experienced perfumers to stay strong scented in your reed diffusers for months– not weeks
  • Guaranteed to contain the perfect balance of ingredients to wick superbly through diffuser reeds without clogging

Choose from Made in USA pre-packaged gift sets

Choose from Made in USA pre-packaged gift sets, or create your own fragrance reed diffuser kits with our bottles, reeds, oils and packaging.

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V. I. Reed & Cane, Inc.

V. I. Reed & Cane has been in the reed business for 33 years. We have standard size reeds for reed diffusers. We also custom cut diffuser reed to your specifications for your reed diffusers. Cut in the USA for reliable turn-around times. Large or small quantities welcome.

Questions? Visit our Diffuser Reeds page for pricing on quantities 100 through 10,000 reeds. We have reeds in  2.75 mm, 3 mm, 3.25 mm.  Contact us for 4 mm prices for wholesale. Reed Diffusers work well with any diameter. 2.75 mm is the most common size. In recent years, additional diameters have become popular.

Some of our Reed Diffuser Products are…

Customers tell us that ours are the best wicking diffuser reeds they’ve ever bought! 
See for yourself the superior wicking quality of our reed diffuser sticks.  For pricing on larger amounts, e-mail

Reed Diffusers, Diffuser Reeds, Reed Diffuser Oils, Reed Diffuser Bottles, Supplies