Reed Diffuser Oils

Click here for Reed Diffusers Oils scents BY TYPE… Calming scents, fruity, spicy, holiday, cozy home, uplifting, refreshing, romantic and floral reed diffusers scents.

Our oils are long lasting and strong. They’re ready-to-use – no need to add anything – just pour into the glass bottle and add diffuser reeds.

We’re very pleased to provide you with this pleasing and safe substitute for candles and aerosols. Our reed diffuser oils will give your home or business a fresh scent that generated a well-cared-for feeling.

We add NO Alcohol! NO DPG! NO Phthalates! 
This is important!
NO alcohol means your reed diffusers will last much longer than those that have been “watered down” with these hazardous thinners. You can count on enjoying your oils for months, not weeks.
Our oils are Made in the USA.
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All REED DIFFUSER OILS are not created equal – We’re proud to be Innovators in the science of Fragrance Reed Diffusion. Our oils are created by experienced perfumers, prepared in the USA from quality ingredients and guaranteed fresh for your reed diffusers.

We have more than 75 unique fragrance choices to match your scent style.


Our fragrance reed diffuser oils are ready to use. There’s no need to add anything to them.


Reed Diffuser OilsClick Here  TO SEE OUR 75+SCENT CHOICES, created for maximum diffusion.reed diffuser oils

Suitable for refilling all brands of reed diffusers.

  • 2 oz. $7.50
  • 4 oz. $9.95
  • 8 oz. $16.95
  • 1 pint $29.95 
  • 1 quart $39.95

**(Gallons are available at our wholesale site. Wholesale minimums apply.)