Reed Diffuser Gift Sets can be purchased as a pre-packed set like our Louie Gift Sets or Art Scents themed gift sets. Or you can create your own unique gift set by selecting a bottle, scented oil and diffuser reeds that best suites your gift giving needs.

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[product id=bac92782-0214-11e2-9825-000e0c6ade61 sku=LOUIE Signature Reed Diffuser Set]LOUIE Signature Reed Diffuser Set[/product]

[product id=baa3836a-0214-11e2-b002-000e0c6ade61 sku=Louie Sig Sets- Triple Pack]Louie Sig Sets- Triple Pack[/product]

[product id=bad6d2f6-0214-11e2-865a-000e0c6ade61 sku=ArtScents Birth of Venus Botticelli]ArtScents Birth of Venus Botticelli[/product]

[product id=bad2add4-0214-11e2-b8c1-000e0c6ade61 sku=ArtScents Mona Lisa]ArtScents Mona Lisa[/product]

[product id=badb7360-0214-11e2-9d06-000e0c6ade61 sku=ArtScents Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers]ArtScents Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers[/product]

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