Every season has a scent and Winter and the Holiday’s have many here are a couple of our favorite combos – feel free to create your own!



Winter Woods [product id=bbe37564-0214-11e2-8a48-000e0c6ade61 sku=5 oz Dark Green Teardrop]5 oz Dark Green Teardrop[/product] [product id=bb6df7c6-0214-11e2-a781-000e0c6ade61 sku=12]12″ 3 mm GREEN Diffuser Reeds[/product] [product id=bb7ad04a-0214-11e2-9c56-000e0c6ade61 sku=Evergreen]Evergreen[/product] [product id=bb07a390-0214-11e2-b9d5-000e0c6ade61 sku=CPLPineCone]Custom Printed Self-Stick Label – Pine Cone[/product]
Midnight Clear [product id=bbe08b24-0214-11e2-811f-000e0c6ade61 sku=6.8 oz Cobalt Blue Diamond]6.8 oz Cobalt Blue Diamond[/product][product id=bb6f3eb0-0214-11e2-b399-000e0c6ade61 sku=12]12″ 3 mm BLUE Diffuser Reeds[/product] [product id=bc081694-0214-11e2-acb7-000e0c6ade61 sku=Midnight Clear]Midnight Clear[/product] [product id=bb490254-0214-11e2-85e5-000e0c6ade61 sku=CPLIcyTree]Custom Printed Self-Stick Label – Icy Tree[/product]

Winter Gift Set Ideas