Favorite Reed Diffuser Bottles

My favorite reed diffuser bottles are those that suit their setting.

  • small bottles with narrow tops for small spaces like a powder room counter
  • bold bottles for a large coffee table in the living room
  • medium bottom-heavy bottles near the kitchen sink

You get the idea. Appropriate and favorite reed diffuser bottles for powder rooms are

  • mini-apothecaries
  • mini orbs
  • bellas
  • ingot
  • diamonds
reed diffuser bottles

4.2 oz Ingot

 reed diffuser bottles

6.8 oz Diamond

 Mini-Orb Reed Diffuser Bottle

3.4 oz Mini Orb









Favorite reed diffuser bottles for living rooms can be anything from small to giant bottles.

5 oz Teardrop

5 oz Teardrop

15.2 oz Egyptian Oval

15.2 oz Egyptian Oval

66 oz Orb

66 oz Orb










Kitchens should have bottles that are not likely to get knocked over in the midst of kitchen prep.

3.4 oz Pyramid reed diffuser bottle

3.4 oz Pyramid

4 oz Bella reed diffuser bottle

4 oz Bella

reed diffuser bottle, dark green apothecary

8 oz Apothecary









We have lots of others that fit the description, and they come in lots of brilliant colors, so you can choose the favorites that match your decor.

Favorite Reed Diffuser Bottles

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