Reed Diffusers Sticks in Natural or Colored Reeds

Reed Diffusers Sticks in Natural or Colored Reeds – for when it’s time to replace your reeds. If your reeds are clogged or dusty, it’s time for new ones.

That’s why we have handy tubes of 100 reed diffusers sticks at a very competitive price so you can replace your reed diffuser sticks as needed for freshness and continued diffusing.

  • Tubes of 100 in a capped tube, so you have a clean supply for all your reed diffusers.
  • Four different sizes of reed diffuser sticks. You decide if you want maximum flow with the larger diameter 3 mm and 4 mm reed diffuser sticks, or the traditional 2.75 mm size.
  • Remember to flip your reeds weekly and the capillary action will continue.
  • The reed diffuser sticks are 100% natural.
  • We even have them in colors to match your décor.

Reed Diffuser Sticks Colors available:

reed diffuser sticks

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Green
  • White
  • Blue

reed diffuser sticks


reed diffuser sticks










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Reed Diffusers Sticks are porous. This is how they absorb the reed diffuser oil and transfer it to the air by capillary action. Don’t be confused with “bamboo sticks” because bamboo sticks, chopsticks, or wooden skewers won’t do the job.