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Your Home Fragrance

Everyone’s home has a fragrance of its own. I was reminded of the reality of this yesterday when I forgot to set the timer while baking up a batch of sweet potato chips. I was able to get the char off the cookie sheet, but the smell.. We get used to the way our home […]

National Fragrance Day

It’s National Fragrance Day! Isn’t it amazing how scent takes us back to the past? For me, the scent of lilacs reminds me of my mother’s favorite flower, the Mason jar bouquets on the kitchen table that filled the entire house with fragrance. Did you know that the human brain can identify more than 10,000 […]

Fragrance Reed Diffusers Equal Feel Good Memories

Feel Good with Fragrance Reed Diffusers! Whether it’s the smell of home-baked cookies during the holidays, or the ozone notes of cool frosty air, reed diffusers bring cheer into your space. Only you know what specific scents wake up your senses and make you feel good, but chances are, we have more than a few […]

Favorite Reed Diffusers

Choosing your Favorite Reed Diffusers is personal. First, what kinds of scents catch your attention? What kind of scents make you feel good? Which scents remind you of favorite places or good times?  Choose Scents Here Some people like fragrance that cuts through the air like a January wind in snowy woods. Others prefer ozone-type […]

Favorite Reed Diffuser Bottles

Favorite Reed Diffuser Bottles My favorite reed diffuser bottles are those that suit their setting. small bottles with narrow tops for small spaces like a powder room counter bold bottles for a large coffee table in the living room medium bottom-heavy bottles near the kitchen sink You get the idea. Appropriate and favorite reed diffuser […]

Bridal Nosegays

Bridal Nosegays- do you know what nosegays were originally used for? Brace yourself! Bridal nosegays – a fragrant bouquet of flowers- came into being far earlier than the Victorian era, but it was the Victorians who popularized their common use. Yes, a nosegay could be gathered as a romantic gesture or an impromptu gift, but […]

Easter Scents

Easter Scents Easter Scents have to be very special for the Easter Bunny.  He likes his reed diffuser scents to smell fresh and natural like the great outdoors. We agree with Mr. Bunny! Here’s a collection of our favorite spring Reed Diffuser fragrances. They’re sure to make your home smell lovely and cared for when […]

It Smells Good in Here !

“It Smells Good in Here!” That’s what your guests are going to say tonight when they arrive for the Big Game! Aren’t you glad you have fresh scents, energizing scents, fruity scents, herbal scents- whatever kind of reed diffuser selections you favor? Having a living space or work space that smells good shows that you […]

Valentine Scents

Valentine Scents Valentine Scents- what makes a scent a Valentine scent? We think it’s something flowery and sweet- or a little bit of both. For some, it’s Tea Rose Garden, Lavender. For others, it might be an herbal blend, like your favorite herbal with a twist of ozone- Lavender Rain. Or perhaps, a fruity, berry […]

Valentine Glassware

Valentine Glassware Can you believe it? We just finished Christmas reed diffusers and glassware, and now Valentine Day is on the horizon! Order your red, pink, purple and clear glassware for Valentine’s Day now and plan an eye-catching window display in your shop with reed diffusers, floral glass and others. We even have heart-shaped bottles […]