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Strong Reed Diffusers

Strong Reed Diffusers are guaranteed long lasting when you purchase Made in USA reed diffuser oils from www.ReedDiffusers.org. You’ll love your fragrance! Reed Diffusers from ReedDiffusers.org contain no DPG, no Alcohol, no Phthalates! We care about our customers. We would never allow questionable ingredients, and we never water down our oils to make them diffuser […]

Clean Smelling Reed Diffusers

Clean Smelling Reed Diffusers are just what you need for the holidays! You have company coming. You’ve cooked, you’ve baked. (Or you’ve shopped the prepared holiday hams and Christmas cookies.) You’ve dusted and vacuumed. You’ve put away the toys, piled the clutter into a box in the laundry room, brought the newspapers out to the […]

Reed Diffuser Replacement Sticks

Reed Diffuser Replacement Sticks   SHOP NOW 4 diameters and 6 lengths.  Reed Lengths: 5.25″, 6.75″, 7″, 10″, 12″, 15″ long. Reed Diameters: 2.25 mm, 2.75 mm, 3 mm, 3.25 mm. These are the Highest Quality of Reed Diffuser Replacement Sticks you can buy. We’ve been leaders in the Reed business for 30+ years~ We know […]

Long Lasting Reed Diffusers

Long lasting reed diffusers are those that are not watered down with DPG, Alcohol or other quickly-evaporating ingredients. We take pride in the fact that our reed diffusers will last weeks or months in your home. This is dependent upon the methods of air heating and cooling, but we guaranteed that you’ll love our reed […]

Recycled Glass Bottles and Vases

Recycled Glass Bottles and Vases Recycled Glass Bottles and Vases are what we’re about! ALL of our glass is 100% recycled, Made in Spain for the highest level of European glass craftsmanship. What’s Special about our Premium 100% Recycled Glass Bottles? Many of our beautiful recycled glass bottles have been created exclusively for us and […]

Christmas Reed Diffusers

Christmas Reed Diffusers usually bring to mind the fresh scent of a forest of fir trees, preferably with new fallen snow. They are especially popular at this time of year when we want to evoke pleasant memories of Christmases Past while creating new memories for our youngsters. Northwoods pine, Canadian spruce, Douglas fir and Balsam […]

Christmas Glass

Christmas Glass Bottles and Vases Order your Christmas Glass now and be ready for your holiday decorating. Our glass is brilliant and available in an irresistible array of colors. We have glass in colors and shapes for many uses, but especially for our reed diffuser oils. http://wholesalereeddiffusers.com/store/wholesale-reed-diffuser-bottles-and-vases.html Our bottle and vases sizes range from 2 […]

Scent of the Week – Pumpkin Spice

Scent of the Week – Pumpkin Spice Reed Diffuser Pumpkin Spice reed diffuser means fall is in the air and thhttps://www.reeddiffusers.org/store/pumpkin-spice-reed-diffuser-oil.htmle frost will soon be on the pumpkin. Pumpkins and corn stalks and straw bales are stacked at the grocers. It is that time already? Indeed! Our Reed Diffuser Scent of the Week Pumpkin Spice […]

Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser

Scent of the Week – Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser Fresh Linen reed diffuser equals fresh air through your window on your turned-down sheets. It personifies the scent of folded linen stacked in your linen closet after drying on the line. Always clean smelling, like you just tidied the entire house for weekend guests. Our Reed […]

Never Tested on Animals

Never Tested on Animals Our Made in USA reed diffuser oil products are never tested on animals. Never. Never have. Never will. Animals deserve our love and respect. Our reed diffuser oil products contain no DPG, no alcohol, no phthalates. No need! Like us on Facebook and receive a Coupon Code you can use Today. […]