Bridal Nosegays

Bridal Nosegays- do you know what nosegays were originally used for?

Brace yourself!

bridal nosegaysBridal nosegays – a fragrant bouquet of flowers- came into being far earlier than the Victorian era, but it was the Victorians who popularized their common use.

Yes, a nosegay could be gathered as a romantic gesture or an impromptu gift, but their other use?

One often carried a nosegay of fragrant flowers or herbs when walking through crowds in town or the city.

What was their purpose?

To block the scent of the un-cleansed masses of people.

Deoderants were not invented until 1888, so even bathing would not cover the daily fragrance of the crowds.

Now you know.

Although your own bridal nosegay will not be there to block your earthy scent from your beloved, you can still give your guests a small sample of your favorite bridal nosegay fragrance with 2 oz. bottles of reed diffusers in freesia, tea rose garden or your other favorite florals.       Printed Labels for bridal reed diffuser favors

Bridal Nosegays

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