Fragrance Reed Diffusers Equal Feel Good Memories

Feel Good with Fragrance Reed Diffusers!

Whether it’s the smell of home-baked cookies during the holidays, or the ozone notes of cool frosty air, reed diffusers bring cheer into your space.

Only you know what specific scents wake up your senses and make you feel good, but chances are, we have more than a few of your favorites.

Since we’re in the thick of the winter holidays, there are scores of scents that wake up of our individual holiday touchstones.

For some it might be, as mentioned earlier, home-baked cookies. That means cinnamon, cranberry, peppermint, vanilla and anything with spice have the ability to kindle memories of childhood.

For others, the winter holidays mean the outdoors. Northern pine, Douglas fir, Victorian Christmas, balsam fir, bayberry and eucalyptus all generate nostril-opening bright sensations of hiking, gathering greens for wreathmaking, climbing a hillside in search of the perfect Christmas tree and all the related sweater-wearing events.

Florals have their place at any time of year as they also have good odds of recollecting the good times. Whether it’s our grandmother’s perennial beds or a first corsage or a special bridal bouquet, individual floral reed diffuser scents are a complex mixture of fragrances layered in top, middle and bottom notes- just like a fine perfume.

Why not recreate memories with the scent memories of reed diffusers by tucking them discreetly into corners of your home where they will greet not only you- after a long day at work- but also greet your guests with the scent of your well-cared for home.

Fragrance Reed Diffusers for Happy Holidays!

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