Autumn Collection Gift Set Ideas – Reed Diffusers

Autumn Collection Gift Set Ideas – Reed Diffusers. Every season has a scent and Autumn has some wonderful options. Here are a few of our combinations that will work wonderfully with your custom gift set. “Like” our Facebook page to receive a Coupon Code that you can use right now! Click here.

Autumn Collection Gift Set Ideas - Reed Diffusers   Autumn Collection Gift Set Ideas - Reed Diffusers

October Winds

[product id=bbe210ca-0214-11e2-8928-000e0c6ade61 sku=6.8 oz Amber Diamond]6.8 oz Amber Diamond[/product] [product id=bb6d4970-0214-11e2-864e-000e0c6ade61 sku=10]10″ 3 mm BLACK Diffuser Reeds[/product] [product id=ba9c5ad6-0214-11e2-92cc-000e0c6ade61 sku=Pumpkin Spice]Pumpkin Spice[/product] [product id=bb728ce6-0214-11e2-a0ee-000e0c6ade61 sku=CPLCatCarvedPumpkin]Custom Printed Self-Stick Label – Cat Carved Pumpkin[/product]
Apple Picking[product id=bc430c7c-0214-11e2-b762-000e0c6ade61 sku=RedBella]4 oz Red Bella[/product] [product id=bb6e9956-0214-11e2-b83b-000e0c6ade61 sku=12]12″ 3 mm RED Diffuser Reeds[/product] [product id=ba5c7aba-0214-11e2-8aa5-000e0c6ade61 sku=Apple Spice]Apple Spice[/product] [product id=baef6726-0214-11e2-9a4e-000e0c6ade61 sku=CPLApplePie]Custom Printed Self-Stick Label – Apple Pie[/product]