Reed Diffusers for Selling Your Home

Reed diffusers for selling your home? Yes!

We recently heard from a customer who used our reed diffuser oils to freshen up her home while staging the home for best appearance in the real estate market. She reports that she opened our reed diffuser oils, poured into the glass bottles, inserted and flipped reeds. Within 15 minutes the whole house was fresh and new smelling again!

She said that the real estate agent went downstairs to the basement and the first thing she said was, “This doesn’t smell like a basement.”

The agent didn’t mention the fragrance itself- just that it didn’t smell damp and moldy- as she was probably expecting. I’d call it the “sweet smell of success”.

We love to hear stories like that.

Using fragrance in your home will not only mask or eliminate unpleasant odors, but make it feel cared for. We recommend that you use fresh scents like the any of the Citrus scents, Rain and Raspberry Rain combinations, fresh Tree scents (balsam fir, for example) and Herbal scents. Green Tea and Cucumber is a good one. Anything Mint is good, too.
Remember that you don’t have to use just one scent. The customer above used balsam fir, citrus, raspberry rain and eucalyptus spearmint. The scents changed discreetly as visitors walked from room to room. The effect of our reed diffusers is subtle but memorable- and uplifting too!
Real estate agents: Tell your clients. They’ll thank you!

Reed Diffusers for Selling Your Home