Diffuser bottles come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Which diffuser bottles are best for reed diffusing your room?

There’s no set answer but for easiest use and placement, we recommend that you use the smallest diffuser bottles in powder rooms or small tables where a larger one might simply get in the way. 4 oz and 8 oz fit the bill for these and we have them in lots of colors and shapes to go with any decor.

Locate your reed diffusers in a place where tail-wags won’t hit them and where they won’t be brushed accidentally by your little ones.

The fragrance of reed diffusers can be refreshed at any time by simply flipping the reeds. Do this at a sink so you don’t accidentally spray your wallpaper or linens.

When the diffuser reeds no longer seem to be throwing scent, just replace them with a fresh batch of diffuser reeds.

For as little as $7 per 100 you’ll have enough for many months of scented fragrance to fresh the air in your home or business.

diffuser bottles

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